(Discontinued model - no longer manufactured! Follow-up model in progress.)

Laser Projector

The Basics are especially suitable for indoor applications with little need for adjustment.
With a built-in grating module and / or Lasergraph DSP show controller a PHAENON Basic offer the versatile possibilities of  a complete laser show system (projection of laser patterns, play back and programming of laser shows).

Customers who purchased a PHAENON RGB Basic projector especially appreciate the excellent price performance ratio of these devices as well as the simple handling due to the low weight.


Equipped With

  • Different laser systems are available for the PHAENON Basics:
    1. Pure Diode - complete RGB laser diode module manufactured by LaserAnimation
      Standard wavelengths: 638 nm  I  520 nm  445 nm
    2. Combined - based on unique red and blue laser diode modules manufactured by LaserAnimation combined with a green Genesis Taipan OPSL
      Standard wavelengths: 638 nm  I  532 nm  445 nm
  • Compact reliable laser diode driver "LDT triple" for the Pure Diode version as well as the well-engineered laser diode and Taipan drivers for the Combined version guarantee long life time as well as perfect projection
  • CT 6210H X, Y scanners with LaserAnimation's time-tested Turbo Scan drivers guarantee an excellent projection quality
    scan system speed: 40 k ILDA 8°, maximum projection angle: 80° (typical 50°), reaction time (2° opt. step): < 0.2ms, aperture: 4 mm
  • "LA Toolbox" software for remote control via PC or Mac
  • Well thought cooling system containing heat sink, peltier elements and  temperature controlled low noise fans
  • Powder coated steel sheet housing, dustproof according to IP 54
    Dimensions: 340 mm x 245 mm x 210 mm (L x W x H)
    Weight: Range of approx. 9 kg to 17 kg (depending on model)
  • Default Package
    Aluminum box 80l: 690 mm x 455 mm x 320 mm (L x W x H)


  • Built-in Grating module containing two effect wheels each equipped with different glass gratings for fantastic background effects
  • Integrated laser show controller Lasergraph DSP compact (PCB) 
    Thereby the laser projector becomes a complete independent laser show system which can be used to play back as well as program laser shows.
  • High quality cases for transport
    - PELI Case type 1620: 630 mm x 492 mm x 352 mm (L x W x H)
    - bwh casys box: 610 mm x 445 mm x 435 mm (L x W x H)


Overview Models

PD (Pure Diode)

Total [mW]
Specified Laser Output @ Source [mW]
PH RGB Basic 2500   5600
PH RGB Basic 3500   7200
PH RGB Basic 5000  11.200


Type Total [mW] Specified Laser Output @ Source [mW]
    Diode Module
Taipan OPSL Diode Module
PH RGB Basic 5500 12,200

Grating Module ... more details

The grating module is a self-contained hardware module already installed in a new delivered laser projector (option) or subsequently integrated into an existing device.  

This high value component makes the laser projector considerably more versatile. In addition to classic beams and graphics, a projector with integrated grating module can generate attractive laser patterns, allowing breath-taking effects not only on the projection screen but mainly in open space. Spaces are flooded with laser, figures constantly change shape and color, the laser medium is used to maximum effect.

The grating module can be controlled via DMX, either with an external connected DMX lighting console or with an internal Lasergraph DSP compact Mark 2 (optional component for laser projectors).

The grating module is mounted in front of the scanners inside the projector.
The main components are two wheels controlled by stepper motors, containing three high value optical gratings each, through which the laser is emitted.
The individual gratings can rotate independently of each other, or they can be automatically positioned at a specified angle. Similar to the prism effect they multiply a laser picture and generate a certain pattern or beam effect depending on the grating type.

Default glass gratings of the wheels:

  • Wheel 1: GWT-2 (grid), Machado (ultra fine line), SCNT (frost effect)
  • Wheel 2: GXT-1 (grid), LWT-2 (line), Lumia (haze)

Additional we offer two more glass gratings which can be inserted instead of a default grating:

  • Lumia narrow (narrower haze)
  • Stargate

Features Gratings

Grid WT for example creates a centrally concentrated pattern with a graphic projection. 

Machado consists of a fine line which turns a beam into a fan of different colors and creates a marvelous effect in space.

SCNT generates many small starlets in a graphic.

Grid XT can for instance generate a graphic pattern with large figures.

Line can for instance effectively be used for displaying a graphic in one row.

Lumia is a special laser effect for creating hazy figures.

Lumia narrow creates narrower hazy figures.

Stargate can effectively fill a room with a graphic pattern or a beam.

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