Outdoor Boxes

For outdoor applications particularly permanent installations outdoor boxes provide a perfect protection against all weather influences.

The boxes are designed for all LaserAnimation standard laser projectors.

The boxes feature a stainless steel enclosure

  • insulated,
  • firmly mountable,
  • with internal temperature control
  • internal foam lined

For maintenance purposes the projector can be removed easily and replaced without affecting the spatial alignment.

Options output window:

  • with air-blade rain/dust protection
  • spinning clear view window, stays clean by centrifugal force
  • replaceable output window: no tools required
  • motorized shutter for protection in of time

Options thermal control:

  • split AC with inverter technology
  • new TEC based liquid cooling with external heat exchanger
  • internal heating
  • dehumidifier

Options mechanical:

  • lightning protection
  • bird protection

Options connectivity:

  • remote control (VPN) via GSM/DSL/WLAN

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