Laser Disable Button

The Laser Disable is a special safety button which is used to disable the laser output via Ethernet.



  • Simple cabeling, as already placed network cables can be used.
  • Compatible with Switches and Hubs.
  • Each button or Laser Disable Software sends a "heartbeat" which is received by the connected devices. With this, those devices switch of automatically if no signal is send due to a missing connecting, a broken cable or power failure.


The Laser Disable is compatible with the following devices:

  • Lasergraph DSP
  • PHAENON accurate
  • PHAENON X with built-in AVB2ILDA



In the Lasergraph DSP or the LA Toolbox, up to four independent Laser Disable Buttons or the Laser Disable software can be selected via their IP address.

Laser Disable AVB2ILDA

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