E-stop Distribution Box

If you have several laser projectors in one installation you may want to use just one E-stop.

Our  "E-stop Distribution Box" features six galvanic separated connectors for six projectors and can be expanded for more projectors.
This box enables all projectors with serial control to use the features of the "LA Toolbox".
No additional serial-USB converter is needed.

LaserAnimation's emergency-off unit with the emergency-off button and the key switch is connected to the 7-pin input of the box.
The 7-pin output can be used to daisy-chain several distributor boxes.

A maximum of six laser projectors containing a serial interface can be connected to the D-sub connectors on the rear.

A PC or Mac connected to the USB interface and running the control software "LA Toolbox" can be used to control all laser projectors connected to one box.

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