Obituary Stephan Rieck

We mourn Stephan Rieck, his sudden death leaves us perplexed.

Stephan started at LAS in 1994. His job was to test the usability of the new Lasergraph DSP and to create a demo show that would demonstrate the new features of the LG DSP. I can still remember how he presented the show to us after a few weeks in the closet to which he had retreated and how excited and moved we were.

In the following time, thanks to his creativity, he produced novel effects and unseen colour plays with spot-on synchronisation to the music.
 His background as a musician and photographer served him well. 
The result was numerous ILDA awards.
 His shows such as Belle Nuit, Bongo Show and many others are unforgotten and belong to the standard repertoire of the LG DSP. Legendary are also the laser evenings for friends and co-workers, which he lovingly arranged and at which he presented his latest creations.
 After the first years Stephan worked mainly independently for various customers, but always remained closely connected to LAS.
Stephan, we are thinking of you and will organise a laser evening for you as soon as it is possible again! It will be a heavenly pleasure for you and all the angels.

Bad news for laser artists.

The sensitivity to express feelings with the instruments we have it´s been always an art. La sensibilidad a la hora de poder plasmar los sentimientos con los instrumentos de los que disponemos siempre ha sido un arte.

The Art exists when you can make others feel your feelings and emotions, and Stephan had that ability. Translating musical notes into laser effects and to transmit those feelings to those who are seeing your show it´s something that only few people can do, and Stephan was one of them.
Those of us who attempt to create feelings and emotions with our laser shows and music will always remember Stephan as a great artist.
Our DSP are in mourning, sad and devastated to know that no other show will come from the hands and soul of Stephan.

My sincere condolences to his family.
My DSP is deeply sad.


A.D.L. Láser, S. L