DSP Software

System Software for Lasergraph DSP compact Mark 2

icon-dspsoftware  Software Type CM2-18-11-21.LZip UPDATED

Please read the Release Notes before installing!


System Software for Lasergraph DSP workstation Mark 2 

icon-dspsoftware  Software Type WM2-18-11-21.LZip UPDATED

Please read the Release Notes before installing!


If your free update period has run out, please follow the following hints:

icon-info Hints for Lasergraph DSP Software Update


Lasergraph DSP License Key

icon-pdf  Information DSP License Key Mechanism



icon-deemagix DeeMagiX_V4_0.LZip

icon-deemagix DeeMagiX_V3_1.LZip

For Mark 2 users: DSP Boot for DSP system software dated 2011-04-29 or later


icon-library  FixtureLibraries_V4.zip NEW

icon-library FixtureLibraries_V3.zip

icon-library FixtureLibraries_V2.zip



icon-jrlive  jr.Live!--2011-09-08.zip

Current Live.BOOT
Manual and configuration files for OHM64 and TouchOSC included

icon-jrlive  jr. Live!-10-03-30.LZip

Bitmaps "jr. Live" interface
For Lasergraph DSP Mark 2 units with system software dated 2010-04-06 or later


Demos / Fonts

icon-demofiles  Demos180320.LZip  

Examples for all Trickfilm commands

icon-fontfiles  General170823.LZip 

Collection of font files for laser projectors