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Important Hints For Shipping!

If you need to return any device to our office, for whatever reason, it is absolutely necessary that you contact us BEFORE shipping!

Using the cheapest forwarder may look like a good idea at first. Usually these forwarders, especially normal postal services, do not take care of the necessary customs formalities here in Germany. If we have to spend several hours at the customs office to get your shipment released we will bill these hours and this will result in higher costs for you than using a better forwarder in the first place.

The best solution is usually to give us the details of your shipment and to let us arrange the pick up through our forwarder. If necessary we will let you know which documents you need to prepare. This ensures correct treatment of your shipment concerning German customs and speedy delivery to us.

Please remember, what looks like saving you money in the first place may result in much higher costs in the end.

Shipping Department LaserAnimation SOLLINGER GmbH