As a company operating worldwide we have distributing partners who sell our innovative products in an ever growing market and support us in expanding our position as one of the leading suppliers for laser show systems.


Laser Connection H. Turzer


Contact: Henrik Turzer

Kiefholzstr. 402  |   D-12435 Berlin Germany
Phone: +49-30-7875 669   |   Fax: +49-30-7875 771   |   E-Mail:


Laser System Europe


Contact: Patrick Awouters

Avenue de l'Industrie 24  |  B-1420 Braine l'Alleud, Belgium
Phone: + 32-2-3311 102   |   Fax: +32-2-3783 902   |   E-Mail:  I


Art Media Technology


Contakt: Oleg Ishutov

ul. Nizhnyaya Maslovka, D.5, office 9/2 |  RUS-127015 Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7-985-7647 001   |  E-Mail:  I

Middle East

M.E.E.N - The Middle East Event Network FZE


Contact: Holger Walter

RAK FTZ Business Park
Island Street, PO Box 6469  |  Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971-7-2434 349   |  Mobile: +971-50-1993 501  |  E-Mail:  |


LaserAnimation ASIA Inc.

Contact: Yoshi Sato

1-1-7-815, Karakida Tama   |   JP-Tokyo 206-0035
Phone: +81-42-310-1610   |    Fax: +81-42-310-1620   |   E-Mail:


Phantom Media


Contact: Sean Zhang

Room 1011, Ming Liu Wei Lai Plaza   |   NO.18, JiaoMen, FengTai Dist   |   CN-100068 Beijing, P.R.C.
Phone: +86-10-8278 1612   |   Fax: +86-10-8278 1615  |   E-Mail:  I




Contact: Tim Ziegenbein

84777 Charlottes Way  |  U.S.A.-Eugene, OR 97405
Phone: +1-541-6871 414   |   Fax: +1-541-6871 438   |   E-Mail:  I


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