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prolight + sound 2019

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Laserworld as distributing partner for PHAENON accurate

LaserAnimation Sollinger welcomes Laserworld as a distributing partner for the PHAENON accurate laser systems more

News 2018



Release November 2018 Teaser

The new release of the DSP software is available in the donwload area of our website.

In the new version the BOOT name is now displayed on the start menu. With a double-click on it shows can be loaded easily. In the "Display Color Setup" you can now choose the new dark color setting "Ocean".
In order to obtain suitable window positions for different desktop resolutions, the "SaveWinPos" command now saves the window position of each desktop resolution independently.
Furthermore, you find the new menu item "Reverse" in the "SetColorBuffer" for changing the order of the entered colors.
Finally, the command "ModifyDisplayZones" was extended to add and delete individual DGC zones.





DSP User Meeting 2018 Teaser

On Friday, Novermber 23rd, our DSP User Meeting took place in Berlin. Besides new features in the DSP software and a new version of the Laser Disable button and software, we heard a lecture by Dipl.-Ing. Max Weidling about the legal situation of laser registration and risk assessment. Furthermore, we introduced the Split Screen Projection. This allows an image to be split across multiple laser projectors. We also talked about the current state of AVB, our AVB to ILDA adapter und the possibility of recording shows. Finally, new features of our software LA-Toolbox were presented.





ILDA 2018 Teaser

From the 9th to 13rd of November the ILDA takes place in Montréal.

Five days full with interesting workshops, seminars and exciting events are waiting for us. We are proud to provide all laser systems for the ILDA-produced events and after our extensive preparations and setup tests, we are looking foward to those extraordinary days!

Find more details on the conference here!






The USB interface ADREM converts an analog SMPTE timecode to a midi timecode which can be used as timing signal for the Lasergraph DSP.  
The MIDI timecode can be read by the LGServer software and selected in the setup menu of LGRemote for the Lasergraph DSP.

With the two different models you can choose between the compact ADREM USB TC READER GENERATOR with timecode display and the handy ADREM TIME CODE USB STICK.

If you are interested in the ADREM adapter feel free to contact us.





Berlin leuchtet_Oberbaumbrücke_titel

Until the 14th of october many places and buildings in Berlin light up daily from 7.30 p.m. to 0.00 p.m.

Our installations can be found at:
* Oberbaumbrücke
* Märkisches Viertel
* Siegssäule





Illuminale Trier 2018_03

One week ago the Illuminale took place in the Kaisertherme and the Palace Garden in Trier.


For more Information see our Project Website.





Laser disable news transparent

Customers using Laser Disable should update their version. In the new version, the option 'Start disabled' has been added. Besides, minor bugs have been fixed, making the software more compatible with Windows 10 or OS X 10.10 (or newer) operating systems. In addition, the update prevents the power saving mode 'App Nap' on Mac computers.

The update is available free of charge for all Laser Disable users:






With the proTize converter it is possible to convert bitmaps and vector files into laser images.
In the new version minor bugs and security issues have been fixed.

The update of the proTize converter is available free of charge for all Lasergraph DSP Mark 2 users.

Users of the dongle version are required to contact our support.







Enhancement of the tabs "AVB" and "Safety" for the PHAENON Accurate projectors

Download LA Toolbox V2018-06-18






During the concert of the well-known techno-musician in the Halle aux Grains in the French city of Toulouse, our laser systems (12 PHAENON Accurates and others), have provided the laser effects.

Read more: → Projects





It was a great pleasure for us to support our South Korean partner Laser Witchery Production Inc. in its extensive installation for the final ceremony of the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang.






The Lasergraph DSP provides now an automatic correction of the DGC (Digital Geometric Correction) which enables the user to perfectly adjust the DGC much faster than before.

→ Read more in the Release Notes

Download Lasergraph DSP Software dated 18-02-27




 news-2018-01-30_t The ILDA Viewer allows the display of laser show frames in "ILDA Image Data Transfer" format on a PC or Mac. This practical tool offers users a convenient way to view ILDA frames without the need of a laser show controller.

The ILDA Viewer provides four different views. The user can choose to display a single view or all four views simultaneously.
In addition detailed file information can be displayed for each frame.

Download ILDA Viewer