• new feature Digital Geometrical Correction and Mapping for laser projectors
  • Availability and application of AVB devices
  • Support for the audiovisuel installation DEEP WEB at Kraftwerk Berlin
  • Production and selling of our 250. PHAENON X 30000 projector
  • Support of the events Fusion Festival, 100 Jahre Bauhaus, "Zukunft braucht Herkunft" at Badischen Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Christmas Garden Berlin


  • Provision of all laser systems for the events at ILDA 2018
  • Use and provision of the ADREM adapter to convert an analog SMPTE timecode signal into a MIDI timecode signal
  • Support of our South Korean partner Laser Witchery Production Inc. at the final ceremony of the Olympic Games 2018
  • ILDA Viewer as new tool for displaying laser show frames in "ILDA Image Data Transfer" format on a PC or Mac
  • Support of ER Production with the light installation at the Generali Tower in Milan
  • Support of the events Fusion Festival, Road Technology Days, Illuminale Trier, Interference and Berlin lights up



  • New design for all "BLITZ Lasergrid" components
  • Enhancement of the machinery: New CNC milling machine type "Datron Neo" for in-house fabrication of mechanical components
  • The 50th PHAENON Accurate was shipped in December 

  • Supply of 30 new "BLITZ Lasegrid" modules for installation in the Komischen Oper Berlin
  • Support of the Numen/For Use group for the  scenography of  the opera "Parsifal" in the  National Opera Sofia
  • Support of the audio visual laser performances "Phospor" and "Spline" by R. Henke
  • Comprehensive collaboration with media technology company "Lightvert" during realization of the new advertising medium "ECHO"



  • Our PHAENON Accurate - the first full color laser projector with carbon housing - has been significantly redesigned. CEO M. Sollinger has presented the 'new' PHAENON Accurate as first RGB laser projector with IEEE 802.1 AVB support at the ILDA conference in Baltimore (USA)
  • Two "Artistic" ILDA awards - one for the art installation "Deep Web"  and one for the laser show "Empire State of Mind" 
  • Award for 700 integrated Taipan laser sources
  • The 100th PHAENON X laser projector was shipped in February

  • Intensive collaboration and extensive support with equipment and know-how for the "Deep Web" installation during world premiere in February in Berlin as well as during "Fêtes des Lumières" in Lyon (France)
  • Close cooperation with Yvette Mattern in her project "Global Rainbow" by providing new laser equipment for further installations
  • Support of the audio visual laser installation "Fall" by R. Henke



  • The company celebrates its 30th anniversary in September in a leisure park near Berlin. 

  • Rollout of the new Lasergraph DSP Playback, a low coast playback unit for Lasergraph DSP shows to make realizing setups with multiple Lasergraph DSP more affordable
  • New software level Licensor for the Lasergraph DSP Mark 2
  • 4 ILDA awards on the occasion of ILDA conference in Dubai (UAE)
  • Prototype PHAENON Accurate presented during PLS - first RGB laser projector in Carbon housing for laser applications without elaborate installation
  • PHAENON X series enhanced with the PHAENON X Mini
  • Award for 600 integrated Taipan laser sources  (status April 2015)
  • New distribution partner in Dubai (UAE)

  • Collaboration with the artists Christoph Bauder and Robert Henke at the art project "Deep Web" (will be continued in 2016)
  • Support of our partner tarm Showlaser by providing of a total of 16 laser projectors and 18 Lasergraph DSPs for the opening of the  1st European Games
  • Support of the audio-visual laser installation "Lumière II" by R. Henke



  • New hardware platform Lasergraph DSP travel launched - the smart laser show controller in small lightweight Polymer housing for mobile applications
  • PHAENON X  AT series enhanced: Laser projector with 7 Taipans (total laser output of 30,000 mW) available 
  • LAN functionality of LA Toolbox software for Mac and PC
  • System Integrator Award for 500 integrated Taipan OPSL laser sources
  • 1 artistic ILDA award for art project “FLUIDIC – Sculpture in Motion”  designed and produced by WHITEvoid  design studio in collaboration with LaserAnimation

  • Support for ECA2’s multimedia project “Wings of Time” on Sentosa island by providing the necessary laser equipment
  • Collaboration with R. Henke on the laser project “Destructive Observation Field”  
  • Support for FLASH ART GmbH by providing special laser technology for forming a laser grid to present the Audi R18 headlights during the trade fair CES in Las Vegas  
  • “Festival of Lights” and “Berlin leuchtet” with LA laser equipment, among others during the opening concert “Lumissimo” staged at the Berliner Dom 
  • Support for project “25 YEARS FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL” on the Brandenburg Gate on November 9th 2014 accomplished by phase 7 performing.arts



  • Innovations for the Lasergraph DSP
    1. With the new timeline application "ShowLine" a new software component is available for Lasergraph DSP users which allows arranging laser effects with audio or video files simple and clear.
    2. New hardware platform for the Lasergraph DSP series: Lasergraph DSP compact dual Mark 2 - the popular "Compact" is also available as "dual" version with two scanner outputs
  • Next Generation PHAENON X launched
    Special features: Electronic mask , motorized beam adjust, remote control by IPod
  • 2 artistic ILDA awards


  • Support of our distributor Laser Kinetics by supplying in total eight laser projectors for the installation at opening ceremony of the Universiade in Kazan (Russia)
  • Continued collaboration with artist Robert Henke during the laser installation “Lumière
  • Special installations using LA projectors: Grand Coulee Dam
  • Collaboration with White Void  art and design: Laser installation “Fluidic Sculpture” for Hyundai shown in Milan (Tortona Design Week 2013)
  • Continued collaboration with artist Roland Burkart  on a the improved laser installation WHITE ARCHITECTURE NO. 1 shown in Munich



  • New features enhance the Lasergraph DSP Mark 2: 
    - Mac OS-X support – for the Lasergraph
    - Support of visualization software Capture Polar  and  Depence V:3d  
  • Next Generation PHAENON X
    Start of development for the next generation of  RGB laser projectors PHAENON X
  • System Integrator Award for 400 integrated Taipan OPSL laser sources
  • Special installations using LA projectors:
    Disney Land Paris, Disney Land Tokyo, Big O Korea
  • 5 artistic ILDA awards

  • Collaboration with artist Robert Henke: Laser installation “Fragile Territories” shown in Nantes (France) for 2 months
  • Collaboration with artist Roland Burkart: Laser installation WHITE ARCHITECTURE NO. 1 shown in Munich



  • 20th Anniversary Lasergraph DSP
    LaserAnimation offers birthday presents to all owners - birthday updates/ upgrades
  • Company certified according to ISO 9001:2008
  • Compact "Phaenon RGB Basic" with RGB output powers from 2.5 – 5.5 W launched
  • More variations of the Phaenon AT series
  • LaserAnimation receives a special award from Coherent in occasion of the 1000th Taipan sold by Coherent
  • Special installations using LA projectors: OCT Shenzhen
  • 1 artistic ILDA award



  • Award for 200 (February) and 300 (April) integrated laser diodes of the Coherent® Genesis TAIPAN series
  • Redesign of the website, additional Russian and Korean versions are available
  • LaserAnimation SOLLINGER has celebrated its 25 years existence - a success story!
    Started as one-man business in 1985 the company employs twelve permanent workers today and became firmly established as manufacturer of high-end laser projection units as well as laser show controllers all over the world.
  • Special installations using LA projectors:
    Disneyland Anaheim, Disney’s California Adventure



  • PHAENON RGB series launched - several models for a wide range of output powers are available.
  • Compliment by the Coherent Corporation for integration of the 100th Coherent® Genesis TAIPAN laser diode.
  • Two trainees finished their apprenticeship as "Electronic Technician for Devices and Systems".
    One trainee completed her apprenticeship as industrial business management assistant.



  • Launch of next generation laser show controllers "compact Mark 2" and "workstation Mark 2" (Lasergraph DSP Mark2 series).
  • Certified integrator of Coherent Taipan modules.
  • Government funded co-operation with Fraunhofer IPM, University of Potsdam and several companies for development of a novel measuring system.
  • Development of a novel technique for stacking low power laser diodes.
  • Development of the PHAENON RGB series.



  • Government funded research project "Spectral Beam Combining of Red Laser Sources".
  • Delivery of the 400th BLITZ unit.
  • LaserAnimation becomes a training company and forms two electronic technicians and two industrial traders



  • Development of novel factory aligned and sealed RGB laser light engine.
  • First units of PHAENON 500 delivered.

  • Carsten Nicolai ‘s "syn chron" was shown during the first Singapore Biennale.



  • Launch of the first DMX-controlled moving-head 5W laser system with integrated grating wheel: BLITZ Stage.
  • Delivery of the 150th BLITZ projector.
  • Peter Jakubek leaves LaserAnimation.
  • 3 artistic ILDA awards

  • Collaboration with artist Carsten Nicolai on his installation "syn chron" at the National Gallery in Berlin, later shown this year in Bern/Switzerland and in Yamaguchi/Japan


  • The success of the BLITZ  projectors led to the expansion of the product line with the models BLITZ Laser and BLITZ Tipo Basic -
  • Delivery of the 75th BLITZ projector.
  • 1 artistic ILDA award



  • Another milestone was set. Following comprehensive development, LaserAnimation began delivering the BLITZ laser projectors.
  • New layout of the web page.
  • 3 artistic ILDA awards



  • First Asian DSP user meeting held in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Begin of development of the later BLITZ series based on Jenoptik OEM laser modules - a novel DPSS diode laser together with a scanner unit in a compact housing form a compact ultra mobile laser show system.
  • Launch of the proTize max Plug-in for direct rendering of 3ds max™ scenes in perfect laser graphics / sequences.
  • Launch of the proTize converter Software for converting bitmap and vector graphics into high resolution laser images.
  • Introduction of the BLITZ projector at ILDA meeting in Florida, U.S.A.
  • Michael Sollinger becomes Chairman of the technical committee of ILDA. 
  • 2 artistic ILDA awards



  • Over 50 Lasergraph DSP compact units delivered.
  • Delivery of the 200th Lasergraph workstation.
  • Delivery of the 300th Accurate projector.
  • More than 700 fibre optics were sold.
  • Membership of IAAPA organisation.

  • Collaboration with artist Hiro Yamagata’s laser installation "Photon 999" at the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain.
  • 6 artistic ILDA awards



  • Production of the Lasergraph DSP compact  started.
  • Delivery of the 200th Accurate projector.
  • 1 artistic ILDA award



  • New hardware platform: The Lasergraph DSP compact, the slimline NET version controlled by Ethernet was launched at the ILDA trade show.
  • 3 artistic ILDA awards



  • Patent DE 4125241 for the 3D laser projector granted.
  • 2 artistic ILDA awards



  • Over 90 Lasergraph DSPs were sold; the 200th Scanamp was delivered.
  • Launch of the "Accurate" projectors based on CTI 6800 scanners with LaserAnimation’s SMD drivers and integrated Scan Fail Safety function
  • Lasergraph DSP workstations can now be connected by Ethernet to a PC.

  • LaserAnimation goes online: www.laseranimation.com



  • First use of graphical curves in laser show controllers to represent chronological movements.



  • Further development of Lasergraph DSP controllers:  The "Lasergraph DSP II" was introduced and sold over 35 times within the year.
  • Sales of the new fiber optics had begun.
  • Move to current premises in 10827 Berlin Crellestraße 19-20.
  • First DSP user meeting (Berlin)
  • First introduction of sophisticated features "Depth Cueing" and "Softblanking" (smoothly ending lines) in real time on a laser show computer.
  • 1 artistic ILDA award



  • Delivery of the 100th Scanamp projector.
  • Development of easy to use, robust fiber optics for laser light transmission.
  • Pioneering the concept of a virtual camera in a laser show computer.



  • Establishment of LaserAnimation Sollinger GmbH (Partners M. Sollinger and P. Jakubek)
  • New company direction: step back from being a lasershow company doing everything to a company specialised into R&D and manufacturing of laser show devices marketed by system integrating sales partners
  • ILDA Member (1992) , ILDA Technical Committee member

  • First appearance worldwide of real time "Image Masking" (concealing background images through foreground objects) on a laser show computer.



  • Delivery of the first Lasergraph DSP series.
  • The Trimagic® method with one set of scanners for full colour stereoscopic 3D laser shows was launched. Patent applied.
  • Installation of a 3D laser system in Berlin’s  “Magic Ballon” Club.  



  • "Scanamp" was launched, a quicker and more reliable controller for the GS-120 Scanner, with a new blanking method and compact housing.

  • Artistic cooperation with Michael Simon;  production of his stage play Newton’s Casino (TAT  Frankfurt / Main (guest performances in Hamburg and Vienna).



  • Move to premises in Frankenstraße (Berlin).
  • Prototype of the "Lasergraph DSP" was introduced at a large corporate event.
    The real-time - interactive - 3D-database controller concept was completely new, an ingenious vision which became reality and caused a sensation in the laser- and light business worldwide.



  • More than 100 "Lasergraph II" were sold.

  • Initiator and organizer of a 2 day public festival dedicated to evaluate the following combinations - laser and ballet (to Stravinsky’s "Firebird’); Laser and video projection (to Holst’s "The Planets") and laser and modern dance.



  • Peter Jakubek became the first permanent employee.
  • Start of the development of the Lasergraph DSP based on the "Digital Signal Processor (DSP)" which was new back then.



  • 32 "Lasergraph II" delivered to users and discotheques.

  • Collaboration with artist Rolf Lieberknecht :  Laserinstallation L’Albatros



  • Presentation of the prototype "Lasergraph II“  at the SIB show, Rimini through ACR Switzerland.
  • Founding of LaserAnimation and soon after the first five units of Lasergraph II were delivered.
  • Installation of  two units in East Berlin at the Friedrichstadtpalast and the Palace of the Republic

  • Collaboration with artist Ouhi Cha.



As a member of the laser research group at the TU Berlin, Dipl.-Phys. Michael Sollinger meets guest laser artist Paul Earls (MIT, Institute of Advanced Visual Studies). Excited and inspired by a contact with ACR Switzerland, began the development of a laser show control on an Apple II home computer.