Certified System Integrator

LaserAnimation was one of the first companies worldwide to integrate OPSL resp. DPSS laser diodes into its projectors. Through close cooperation with the diode manufacturers Coherent Inc., USA and Jenoptik AG, Germany we are now able to offer a wide range of outstanding projection systems.

The groundbreaking development of ultra compact laser projectors led to the delivery of the first BLITZ laser projectors in 2002, which were since followed by a large number of models, including the exceedingly successful full color laser projectors of the PHAENON series.

The increased sales also led to an increased demand for laser diodes. As a result of constant purchasing of Coherent laser diodes LaserAnimation has been a "Certified System Integrator" of Coherent Inc. USA since 2007. This certificate is issued annually and is valid for 12 months. Since 2007 we have received this certificate each year and we are currently "Certified System Integrator" until 2021.


Certification ISO 9001


Quality Management - Active for Satisfied Customers

Our quality standard is set by our clients. Their verdict about our quality is crucial. Constantly maintaining responsibility, continuously increasing customer satisfaction is one of LaserAnimation's highest priorities. This requires the best possible coordination of process and product quality as well as employee qualification. This comprehensive definition of quality is what LaserAnimation pursues in its quality management.

We want to set standards in the business with the quality and safety of our products.