proTize max

proTize max is an efficient plug-in for the software package 3ds Max from Autodesk.
Similar to a cartoon renderer, proTize max creates silhouettes (outlines) from 3D objects for laser output.
In addition to a regular renderer that renders complete sequences to a series of laser images, proTize max offers an interactive render mode in which the current scene is already output on the laser during editing.

proTize max



PC Version:

icon-protizemax  proTize max DSP--2014-09-30.exe

DSP version (requires Lasergraph DSP with proTize max license)
System requirements: Windows 7/8.1/10
Suitable for 3ds Max versions 6-9, 2008-2012 (32-Bit)

Please contact our support for updating the dongle version of proTize max.



icon-pdf  proTize max