PHAENON X Mini / Pro

Láser Proyector

The units of the PHAENON X Mini and Pro series are high-end color laser projectors for professional applications with wide range of laser output powers.

A modular laser system based on unique red and blue laser diode modules manufactured by LaserAnimation combined with a green plus possibly a yellow or a orange Genesis Taipan OPSL laser source is integrated.
The laser sources stand out due to their high beam quality in rich colors, low divergence as well as their enormous durability. The parameters for operating temperature and current set by the manufacturer of the laser sources are observed strictly in order to maximize their life expectancy.

Special optical components for beam forming, beam combination and focusing and their professional placement and setup guarantee a sharp precise beam with a homogeneous beam profile and low divergence, even over longer distances.


Equipped With

  • Los módulos de diodo Laser fabricado por LaserAnimation, al igual que el verde y el amarillo del OPSL de Genesis Taipan (Coherent USA)
    Longitudes de onda estándar: 638 nm I 577 nm oder 590 nm I 532 nm I 488 nm / 480 nm I 445 nm
  • Technically perfected reliable laser diode as well as Taipan drivers for each laser source guarantee a completely balanced projection picture. All color curves are calibrated so that mixed colors do not change when fading in or out.
  • CT 6210H X, Y scanners with LaserAnimation's time-tested Turbo Scan driver guarantee an excellent projection quality.
    scan system speed: > 30 k (35 k), maximum projection angle:  80° (typical 50°), reaction time (2° opt. step): 0.2ms, aperture: 4 mm
  • "Electronic Masking" plus "Safety Masking" → unique safety technology
    Using the controlling software "La Toolbox" a graphical mask can be generated from geometric shapes in a way similar to a vector based graphics software. The laser intensity can be defined individually for each shape. Thereby it is possible to limit the laser output for certain areas such as the auditorium or opposite beamers.
  • Motorized beam adjustment allows the comfortable adjustment of the beam superposition. The position of eachcolored beam can be readjusted until all colors are superposed exactly. The projector does not need to be removed from the platform.
  • Control software "LA Toolbox" for PC or Mac included
  • Display with jog dial control for setting operation values on the projector (PHAENON X Pro only)
  • LAN interface
  • WLAN module for remote control using iPod, iPhone, iPad with existing "LAToolbox App" (Wifi version of "LA Toolbox" software)
  • Temperature controlled low noise fans with high efficiency ("Papst")
  • Peltier elements which either heat up or cool down
  • Aluminum anodized housing, dustproof according to IP 54
    Dimensions (L x W x H):
    - PHAENON X Mini: 375 mm x 291 mm x 223 mm
    - PHAENON X Pro:  420 mm x 406 mm x 223 mm  or 620 mm x 406 mm x 223 mm
  • Stable stainless steel yoke for safe installation on truss
  • Protector for output window

Componentes opcionales integrados

  • Built-in grating module containing two effect wheels each equipped with different glass gratings for phantastic background effects
  • Integrated laser show controller "Lasergraph DSP compact Mark 2"
    Thereby the laser projector becomes a complete independent laser show system which can be used to play back as well as program laser shows. 
  • LD Optics → special optics to reduce the divergence of Taipan OPSL laser source(s)


Overview Models

Specified Laser Output [mW]
Total Red Yellow/Orange Green Cyan Blue
Mini 5500 Mini 12.200 3200 - 5000 - 4000
Mini 7000 Mini 15.800
4800 - 5000 - 6000
Pro 11500 compact 22.400 6400
5000 - 8000
Pro 24000
compact 25.600
- 8000 - 8000
Pro 15500  O
compact 25.400
3000 8000 - 8000
Pro 15500  Y
compact 27.400
5000 8000 - 8000
Pro 30000 compact 31.600
6000 8000 - 8000
Pro 35000
regular 36.600
6000 8000 5000 8000

Software de Control LA Toolbox... más detalles

This intuitive software allows monitoring important functions of the laser unit and adjusting operating parameters.

The LA-Toolbox software is available as PC and Mac version. Both versions are included with every shipment and they are additionally available in the → Costumer Area of our website.



One Start Screen for all Connected Projectors


All functions and parameters / diagnosis of multiple laser projectors can be controlled by one "LA Toolbox" via ethernet.

For laser safety the 'Disable All' button is integrated to the user interface. The laser output for all connected laser devices is switched off immediately when clicking this button.

Clearly arranged interface to control each projector


For PHAENON X projectors the full functionality of the software is available.

For all "Basic" projectors (BLITZ, BLIZZARD, PHAENON) less functions are available.

Comprehensive Projection Settings

For all adjustments of the projection an internal test picture can be used in the projection menu.
All settings concerning the projection

  • horizontal, vertical size
  • inversion
  • position offset
  • keystone correction and
  • rotation

can be exactly adjusted with sliders in the clearly laid out "Projection" menu and saved in 3 different transformation settings.

Comfortable Timer Setting

A timer can be used to switch the state of the laser at a predefined time. For instance the laser can switch from "Run" to "Standby" mode.
Drop down menus are used to set the state which the laser is to switch to when a timer triggers as well as the date or date range (from/to), time of day and day of the week.
Up to 6 timers can be configured.

ILDA Settings

All 6 ILDA channels are scalable from 0% to 100% to achieve the best possible white balance. Up to 4 color settings can be saved and called up.
The ILDA signals 'Interlock' and 'Intensity' are evaluated.

State Settings

Four laser statuses can be selected for laser operation:
"Shutdown"  I  "Standby"  I "Test 10%"  I  "Run".

In the "Shutdown" mode the drivers are deactivated and the temperature control is inactive. This saves considerable amounts of energy.

In "Standby" there is no current to the laser sources, which also saves energy. However, in contrast to "Shutdown" their operating temperature is maintained. This has the advantage that switching from "Standby" to "Run" is possible much more quickly.

One advantageous option is the automatic "Shutdown" resp. "Standby" function. This switches the laser into the corresponding operating mode in case no ILDA signal is present for a specific adjustable period of time (for instance at the end of a show).
The device will use less electricity and cool off better.

Climate State

Ambient temperature, heat sink temperature, internal and dew point temperature, relative humidity as well as fan voltage are clearly displayed.

Detailed Information Concerning the Internal Laser Sources

The states of all laser sources can be monitored, the power can be scaled and the behavior of the laser with a small modulation signal can be adapted slightly through the "Bias Offset". This setting allows the best possible adjustment of the effective soft blanking of the Lasergraph DSP.

Electronic Masking - A New Dimension of Laser Safety

With this new safety technology we give users the option to use a graphics editor to flexibly define protected areas in a laser projection.
The editor can be used in way similar to a vector based graphics program to create a mask from geometric shapes (polygons, circles and rectangles). Safety parameters can then be defined individually for each of these shapes.

Two different mask functions are available:

1. Electronic Mask


This important function allows limiting the laser output for certain areas. The intensity of the laser beam can be adjusted in a range from 0% to 100% for each individual shape created with the editor. This makes it possible to correctly protect specific scanning areas such as the auditorium or sectors with optical equipment (video beamers, cameras).
The big advantage of this mask, which is configured in the projector, compared to a mask generated in the show controller is the fact that programming errors which may occur when a show is edited will not disable the mask.

2. Safety Mask


For safety reasons every laser projector is equipped with a scanner safety circuit to protect the audience. This mechanism determines the sum of the scanner velocities for the horizontal and vertical deflection of the beam and compares this to the predefined minimum speed.
In case the beam velocity is below the minimum or if the beam is completely motionless this safety mechanism will block the laser beam.

For allowing beam effects with a stationary beam anyway in areas where the audience is not at risk, for instance below the ceiling, the "Safety Mask" can be used to graphically define several areas where a static beam will be possible, see picture. (Up to now only one rectangular safety area could be defined.)

Adjustable Beam Superposition


The Phaenon X laser projectors are equipped with a motorized beam adjustment for superposing the beams. This internal component allows an easy and comfortable adjustment of the beam superposition.
This is a big advantage of the Phaenon X projectors which users will certainly appreciate.

The position of the individual beams can change over time when the projectors are frequently transported, set up and taken down again. Until now the beams could only be adjusted using the small adjustment screws on the side of the device. In everyday use the projectors are often already installed in a stage setup, e.g. attached to a truss high up, when the laser is turned on and the beam misalignment is discovered. This used to mean the laser had to be taken down again for adjustment. This considerable effort is no longer necessary using the "Beam Adjust" of the LA Toolbox Software.



PHAENON X laser projectors can be connected to LAN (Ethernet) or WLAN and can be remote controlled using LA Toolbox software.

DMX Support


An optionally integrated grating module can be controlled over DMX or manually with the "Grating Wheel Settings". Up to 4 settings can be saved.
The DMX base address can easily be configured using the software.

Módulo de Rejilla... más detalles

El módulo de rejilla es un hardware autónomo que se entrega instalado en el nuevo proyector láser (opción) o se puede integrar posteriormente en un dispositivo existente. 

Este componente de alto valor hace al proyector láser considerablemente más versátil. This high value component makes the laser projector considerably more versatile. Ademas de los clásicos haces y gráficos, un proyector con el módulo de rejilla integrado puede generar patrones láser atractivos, permitiendo efectos impresionantes, no sólo en la pantalla de proyección y principalmente en espacios abiertos. Los espacios se inundan con láser, las figuras cambian constantemente de forma y color, el medio láser es usado para el máximo efecto.

El modulo de rejilla puede ser controlado usando la DMX. Cualquier consola profesional de iluminación puede ser conectada a la interfaz DMX de nuestros proyectores láser.

El módulo de rejilla está montado delante de los escáneres, en el interior del proyector.

Los componentes principales son dos ruedas controladas por motores de paso, que contiene tres rejillas de un alto valor óptico cada una, a través de la cual se emite el láser.

Las regillas individuales pueden rotar independientemente una de otra o ser automaticamente posicionadas en un ángulo especifico. Similar al efecto de un prisma pueden multiplicar una imagen láser y generan ciertos patrones o efectos de haz dependiendo del tipo de rejilla.T


Componentes (Imagen.1 galería)

  1. Rueda (2 pcs.) 
  2. Regilla (6 pcs.) 
  3. Motor reductor (2 pcs.)
  4. Motor de paso (2 pcs.)
  5. Sensor de la junta.
  6. Componentes electrónicos para el control del motor y el procesamiento de señales.

Las ruedas estan equipadas con las siguientes rejillas de cristal (por defecto): 

  • Rueda 1: GWT-2 (Grid), Machado (Linea Ultra Fina), SCNT (effecto helado)
  • Rueda 2: GXT-1 (Grid), LWT-2 (Linea), Lumia (effecto velo)

Additional we offer two more glass gratings which can be inserted instead of a default grating:

  • Lumia narrow (narrower haze)
  • Stargate

Ejemplos de Proyección (Comparar Galería de Imágenes)

  • Grid WT, por ejemplo, crea un patrón concentrado central con una proyección gráfica.
  • Machado consiste en una fna linea, la cual convierte un haz en un abanico de diferentes colores y crea un maravilloso efecto en el espacio.
  • SCNT generates many small starlets in a graphic.
  • Grid XT puede generar, por ejemplo, un patrón gráfico con grandes figuras.
  • Line puede ser usado, por ejemplo, para visualizar un gráfico en una fila.
  • Lumia es un efecto láser especial para crear creating figuras borrosas.
  • Lumia narrow creates narrower hazy figures.
  • Stargate puede llenar una habitación con un efecto gráfico o un haz.



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